Call to Action

celltowerclipartThe Dover Sherborn Regional School Committee is about to decide whether to place a cell tower on the Middle/High School grounds very close to our children.

Let’s slow down the process and find a safer location.

Why This Is Important

  • Each child will study beneath this source of radiation for up to 7 years.
  • Risk to our property values: health effects from this tower – real or perceived – could deter potential home buyers who primarily move here for our schools.
  • Increased education costs: the potential health effects could increase special education costs more than offsetting any revenue upside.

What Can I Do

  1. Attend the School Committee Meeting Tuesday Oct 7, 6:30, DS Middle School
  2. Sign the Petition

2 thoughts on “Call to Action

  1. Parent’s across the country are calling for safety first. Please see our Maryland community website at

    “Assuming things are safe until we have incontrovertible evidence they are not — as happened with tobacco and asbestos — is not a path we can afford to take. At this point, our failure to develop evidence of harm cannot be regarded as proof of safety.

    -Dr Devra Davis,

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  2. I am concerned that there is no contact information or personally identifying information on your website. Who are you? I am a teacher and one of the things I teach is media literacy. One of the most important ideas we teach in my class is that you should not ever trust the information presented on a website if the persons writing the website do not identify themselves, their qualifications for sponsoring a site and provide a way to contact them. You’ve put a lot of emotionally triggering “information” here, but I have no way to know if you or your organization is qualified to vet this information or whether you just did a blanket search for killer cell phone towers and posted links to all the “studies” and sites that turned up. If I were using your site as part of a lesson with my middle school students, we’d conclude that your site is not a reliable one since we can’t verify if the person or persons who wrote it are qualified to evaluate the secondary sources you posted on the pages. I am also very concerned as to how the email to your site ended up in my personal mailbox. I am very careful with whom I share that email. Where did you get the list you used for the Constant Contact blast? If the directory for the high school was used, that is a gross violation of my personal information. Cease and desist immediately.


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