Regional School Meeting Decision from 10/7/14

Many thanks to the 70+ concerned parents and citizens that attended last night’s Regional School Committee Meeting. The open discussion was a snapshot of how the community feels as represented by the approx. 40 individuals who voiced their concerns, questions, and opinions.  The 6 member Regional School Committee agreed to delay their vote on this until the next school committee meeting on November 4th.  They are permitting this additional time in order to allow the communities of Pine Hill and Chickering to receive the same invitation to this discussion that the Middle School and High School did in June and just last week.

This blog was created by a group of Dover-Sherborn parents and our group continues to quickly grow.  The petition to site any tower at least 600 meters away is proof that we can work together (now up to 233!) as news gets out to both Dover and Sherborn families.

Get Involved!

  1. Add your voice and sign the petition
  2. Put the evening of November 4th on your calendar. Details to follow.
  3. Add your comments to this blog
  4. Email our common inbox at if you’d like to add content.

Working together we can find a solution.


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