What the rest of the world is doing plus here at home

Due to increased awareness and concern about cell-tower radiation, many communities across the country are organizing and pushing back. In 2009, the school board in Los Angeles voted to prohibit cell towers near schools. Recently, in Dekalb County, Georgia, more than 75,000 residents voted in a referendum to keep cell towers off school grounds. And, entire towns like Bar Harbor, Maine, and Hempstead, NY have followed the example of many other countries around the world who have already banned, or are in the process of banning, the installation of any cell towers within 1,500 feet of schools and child-care centers.

India – Cell towers in parts of India are being taken down:  http://apps.fcc.gov/ecfs/document/view?id=7520958472

New Zealand – working to keep cell towers away from schools:  http://www.voxy.co.nz/politics/greens-no-cell-towers-near-schoolspreschools/5/5030

The Irish National Teachers Organization calls for a ban on cell towers near schools – “Individuals have a choice whether to use a mobile phone or not. With a phone mast near a school, children have no choice” – Cellular News

A Belgium Court bans cell towers near elementary school citing health concerns – September, 2009 – News Story

Surrey, Canada –  parents object to school plans for cell tower:     YouTube Video

Israeli Supreme Court Ordered the Israeli Government to investigate the number of children Suffering From EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity).

Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Israel, Russia and China have all set exposure limits 100 to 10,000 times less than USA

After the release of the BioInitiative Report in 2007, the European Environmental Agency, called for immediate action to limit exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi, mobile phones and mobile phone towers.


Regional School Meeting Decision from 10/7/14

Many thanks to the 70+ concerned parents and citizens that attended last night’s Regional School Committee Meeting. The open discussion was a snapshot of how the community feels as represented by the approx. 40 individuals who voiced their concerns, questions, and opinions.  The 6 member Regional School Committee agreed to delay their vote on this until the next school committee meeting on November 4th.  They are permitting this additional time in order to allow the communities of Pine Hill and Chickering to receive the same invitation to this discussion that the Middle School and High School did in June and just last week.

This blog was created by a group of Dover-Sherborn parents and our group continues to quickly grow.  The petition to site any tower at least 600 meters away is proof that we can work together (now up to 233!) as news gets out to both Dover and Sherborn families.

Get Involved!

  1. Add your voice and sign the petition
  2. Put the evening of November 4th on your calendar. Details to follow.
  3. Add your comments to this blog
  4. Email our common inbox at dscelltower@comcast.net if you’d like to add content.

Working together we can find a solution.

Cell Towers in the News

Cellphone Boom Spurs Antenna-Safety Worries

Just last Thursday Oct 2, the Wall Street Journal published an article on cell towers.  While this article was specifically addressing the harmful affects of radiation on the adult workers required to work near or on the towers, it cited that “The FCC says it lacks resources to monitor each antenna….Marvin Wessel , an engineer who has audited more than 3,000 sites [has] found 1 in 10 out of compliance.”


Wellesley Cell Tower Burns:

Did you know that cell towers can catch fire? Check out this Wellesley cell tower burning down.

Additional Cell Tower Fires:

Cell Towers Also Fall:

This tower fell last year in upper New York State.

Call to Action

celltowerclipartThe Dover Sherborn Regional School Committee is about to decide whether to place a cell tower on the Middle/High School grounds very close to our children.

Let’s slow down the process and find a safer location.

Why This Is Important

  • Each child will study beneath this source of radiation for up to 7 years.
  • Risk to our property values: health effects from this tower – real or perceived – could deter potential home buyers who primarily move here for our schools.
  • Increased education costs: the potential health effects could increase special education costs more than offsetting any revenue upside.

What Can I Do

  1. Attend the School Committee Meeting Tuesday Oct 7, 6:30, DS Middle School
  2. Sign the Petition

Cell Towers and Our Real Estate Values

Although recent email blasts from Kathryn Lonergan state “Federal Law prohibits a town regulatory organization from turning down a cell tower for concerns over health effects”, there is growing documentation that even the perception of health effects does push down real estate values.

  • Online Articles: (1) Phone Masts (Cell Towers) Blight House Sales; (2) Pushback Against Cell Towers
  • The Bond and Hue – Proximate Impact Study
    The Bond and Hue study conducted in 2004 involved the analysis of 9,514 residential home sales in 10 suburbs. The study reflected that close proximity to a Cell Tower reduced price by 15% on average.
  • The Bond and Wang – Transaction Based Market Study
    The Bond and Wang study involved the analysis of 4,283 residential home sales in 4 suburbs between 1984 and 2002. The study reflected that close proximity to a Cell Tower reduced price between 20.7% and 21%.
  • The Bond and Beamish – Opinion Survey Study
    The Bond and Beamish study involved surveying whether people who lived within 100′ of a tower would have to reduce the sales price of their home. 38% said they would reduce the price by more than 20%, 38% said they would reduce the price by only 1%-9%, and 24% said they would reduce their sale price by 10%-19%.
  • United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit upheld a denial of a Cell Tower application based upon testimony of residents and a real estate broker, that the Tower would reduce the values of property which were in close proximity to the Tower.
  • The Appraisal Institute,
    the largest global professional organization for appraisers says, ‘A cell tower should, in fact, cause a decease in home value.’

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Cell Tower Health Effects Research

Khurana, Hardell et al., Int. J Occup. Envir Health, Vol 16(3):263267, 2010
“Epidemiological Evidence for a Health Risk from Mobile Phone Base Stations”

  • Analysis of 4 studies were from Germany, and 1 each from Austria, Egypt, France, Israel,
    Poland, Spain
  • 7 studies showed altered neurobehavioral effects near cell towers
  • 3 studies showed increased cancer incidence
  • Effects occurred < 500 meters from cell towers

H. Eger at al.,“The Influence of Being Physically Near to a Cell Phone Transmission Mast on the Incidence of Cancer” (Umwelt·Medizin·Gesellschaft 17,4 2004).

  • the proportion of newly developing cancer cases is significantly higher among patients
    who live within 400 meters of a cell phone transmitter.
  • relative risk of getting cancer increased by 200% after 5 years operation of the transmitter
  • early age of cancer diagnosis

Wolf R, Wolf D, (April 2004) “Increased incidence of cancer near a cellphone transmitter station”, International Journal of Cancer Prevention, 1(2) April 2004
Similarly found that within 350 meters of cell phone antennas there was:

  • 300% increased incidence of cancer among men and women
  • 900% cancer increase among women alone
  • 4x risk of cancer after 3‐7 yrs exposure <350 meters
  • Early age of cancer diagnosis

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